Monday, September 21, 2009

Cupid's Chokehold

KDU College
Diploma in Mass Communication
Music Video

Brief: Produce either a short film, short documentary or music video.

This group task was the final assignment for my Film Studies course. We decided with producing a music video, as it wasn't something many others were doing and well, it was obviously more fun. I was the editor as well as floor manager for this task.

One of my friends suggested her friend's band, Seven. After listening to a couple of their songs, it was unanimous that we use 'Butterflies', sung by former CosmicSpaceMunkys member, Bobo when he was 16.

The music video was heaps fun to shoot. Firstly we got to do this within our "gang", so it was the perfect chance to hang out while doing our assignment. Second was because we did not seek any prior permission to shoot at any of the locations. Hence we had to sneak around doing so, which was exciting. We spent a whole day shooting at all the different locations and it was a day well spent.

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