Wednesday, September 23, 2009


RMIT University
Bachelor of Communication (Advertising)
Creative Practice and Skills
Lab Photoshop Task: Elephant and Girl

Brief: Recreate the lab task(s) of the day by following the given detailed instructions.

The first lab task today was to insert an elephant into an image of a landscape with a stick. The end result should have the elephant looking like it is holding onto the stick with its trunk and as if it belongs in the image.

Second was to edit the given head-shot of a girl to make it look more unworldly and vibrant.. and pink.

The elephant manipulation was pretty easy to accomplish. Once I got the hang of it, I completed the color editing and masking quite quickly. It was the girl that took up most of the 2 hours of our lab session. There were so many steps to this. I reckon this has got to be, by far the most complicated lab task we've had. But I had managed to complete it by the end of the lab session and I'm glad to say that it is very close to the given sample.

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