Monday, September 21, 2009

Unexpected Places

KDU College
Dilpoma in Mass Communication
"Searching for the Malaysian Identity" Photography Exhibition

Brief: Capture and exhibit photographs that represents the Malaysian identity.

Examples from the series

This was my final assignment for my Photography course, which being a huge fan of photography, I was really excited for. It really tested my photographic skills as well as improved them.

I drew inspiration from the street signs around the city of Kuala Lumpur. Most Malaysian roads are named in Malay, with some after famous and noted Malaysian leaders. These road names also represent our Malaysian multiracial unity, as no leader is spared because of race. There are also roads or streets that are simply famous enough to be recognized as Malaysian. They are so from being some of the busiest tourists' spots in the city.

I decided with a documentary format for my display. This means that my photos would be exhibited as a series, all of them taken from the same angle and with a consistent color palette. I also edited my raw photos by playing with contrast and saturation to increase the vibrancy of the colors. The editing was meant to make my photos look more artistic.

Pictures from the exhibition

My photos were accompanied by a statement that says 'Truly Malaysian Names', for these road and street names can only be found in Malaysia. My photo series was also meant to be educational for those who have little or no knowledge of our Malaysian roads.

On the day of the exhibition, seeing my peers admire my photos was a very proud and fulfilling moment. The great reviews I'd received that day were gratifying as well.

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