Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mr Curiosity

RMIT University
Bachelor of Communication (Advertising)
Creative Practice and Skills
Lab InDesign Task: Magazine Layout

Brief: Recreate the provided magazine layout samples.


This first magazine layout was during my first Adobe InDesign CS4 lab session at RMIT. The main objective that day was to learn how to design and layout a magazine article.



For this second task, we had to recreate the example layout for pages of a sports magazine. Unlike the first task, this layout is more structural and basic.

This task felt very personal, for it reminded me of my 3 months of internship at Men's Health Magazine Malaysia. Working there, I was only asked to write articles as well as do the typical intern tasks such as photocopying. However, I was always interested in learning how to design the layout for the magazine. There was a day where I was allowed to watch the Creative Director design the front cover and he explained to me certain things while doing so. That had really gotten me that more interested.

So when we were gven the brief and example for these tasks I was excited to learn. And it was not that difficult to design the layouts once I had perfected the basics.

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